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Kitchen Worktop & Splashback Materials

The preparation area must be designed according to your way of cooking. If you mainly eat ready-made meals, we recommend a relatively small preparation area. If, on the other hand, you like to cook meals from scratch, you should consider a worktop with a space dedicated to small electrical kitchen appliances. We will pay particular attention to the height of your worktop to ensure optimal ergonomics for all users of your kitchen.

As for the splashback, its main role is to protect your wall from splashes while cooking. It can also play an important decorative function or, if you prefer, it can blend in with the rest of the wall. In addition to protecting your walls, the splashback can be functional, giving you immediate access to your essential utensils.

Enjoy our home design advice!

If you are looking to coordinate your worktop with your kitchen fronts, we recommend laminate as it offers plenty of possibilities in terms of designs and colours.

It is resistant and durable, user-friendly and low-maintenance, and it has a high-quality texture and finish. Also check out alternative solid surfaces, such as Maia or Minerva, a new type of material that allows you to install under-mounted bowls and draining boards.

In the kitchen, we opt for food-grade stainless steel. Preferred in the kitchens of catering professionals, stainless steel is suitable for intensive use and is particularly hard-wearing. It is a timeless material that is suited to all kitchen styles.

Gas hobs and sink bowls can be welded directly onto a stainless steel worktop, thus combining design and functionality.

For kitchen worktops we use glued laminated wood. You can choose from a large range of wood types: oak, beech and walnut are the most commonly used.

Although wood is a natural material that needs to be oiled regularly to guarantee its durability, its natural ageing gives it charm and authenticity.

A natural stone worktop lends your kitchen an original look. Granite is the most commonly used mineral for its practical and thermal resistance qualities.

Each natural stone worktop is unique: you can go for a more contemporary or classic look depending on the colours and veining.

Quartz worktops are one of the most elaborate worktop materials nowadays. They are crafted using a technique which involves firing at very high temperatures to make the material stronger and more durable. A ceramic worktop is resistant to stains and very high temperatures, so you can transfer your dishes straight from the oven to your worktop!

A glass worktop is ideal only for occasional use. It is suitable for the washing up area, table or breakfast bar... It is easy to maintain and available in a large variety of shades and designs.

Choose a polished or matt surface, depending on the lighting effect you prefer. Remember that the use of extra matt glass intensifies the colour shades.

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For the splashback, a quartz or granite slab, cut to size, can be used as a minimalist splashback. Mosaics easily adapt to the room design and tiles add a traditional touch.

Stainless steel is easy to maintain and widely used to protect walls in the cooking area. We recommend a stainless steel splashback behind gas hobs, as it is perfectly heat-resistant.

A lacquered glass splashback is ideal for use with induction hobs and adds a nice touch of colour. The glass surface usually extends all the way up to the extractor hood and is the most popular material for splashbacks.

A laminate splashback is affordable and easily adapts to the constraints of your space. Maia & Minerva, more elaborate forms of resin, are also an option.



White quartz splashback
Wood laminate worktop
Quartz sink

Quartz, a clever innovation

Thanks to their many qualities, quartz is an ideal material for the kitchen. Made from stone using a sintering technique, they are structurally stable despite the very high firing temperatures.

Advanced technologies have made it possible to produce large pieces, giving quartz a new lease of life. Quartz worktops can be made quite thin (12 mm), making them perfectly suited to sleek handleless kitchens. There are plenty of options to choose from: plain or imitation natural stone, and much more...


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