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Kitchen & Household Appliances For Every Lifestyle

The best kitchen appliances? Those chosen to suit your lifestyle!

A wide range of household appliances can be built in. You can choose a cooker hood recessed into the ceiling or false ceiling, which meets the strictest requirements (in terms of performance and noise levels), for example. As for the tall cabinets, they can hold the built-in oven, refrigerator, freezer and even a dishwasher, at an easy to use height. However, you can also choose a freestanding refrigerator and range cooker. The appliances can be adapted to your way of life. They are easy to use and offer you an increasingly wide range of possibilities.

Your choices will also be guided by your eating habits. If you like quick and easy dishes, the microwave is the ideal appliance. For a healthy and responsible diet, steaming and vacuum sealing (sous vide) make more sense. For a family kitchen, induction cooking is a quick option and a large refrigerator for storage is a must.

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Long or short cooking time: ovens and microwaves

Built-in appliances offer a wide range of cooking options:

- The oven, a must in any functional kitchen, usually fan-assisted, offers multiple cooking options. Why not include self-cleaning as an option?

- The grill function is useful for finishing cooking certain recipes (gratins in particular).

- The steam oven, with its low-temperature mode, is becoming more and more popular. It allows you to preserve all the nutrients in your food and vegetables.

- The microwave, practical and fast, makes your daily life easier.

- A double oven is useful for preparations that require different cooking methods or temperatures, but also to avoid mixing sweet and savoury dishes. Today's solutions are both compact and beautiful.

Cooker hoods

Hobs and cooker hoods

You can opt for a gas, induction or glass ceramic hob, depending on your habits and installation constraints. Induction hobs, which are used by several Michelin starred chefs, are gradually becoming the most popular choice. Remember that it is possible to use a wok or a griddle pan on an induction hob and to install a teppanyaki plate to cook snacks.

The extractor is an essential item. Along a wall, it can discreetly blend in with wall units.

For a hob on an island, there are many solutions: a suspended recirculating hood, an island hood, a hood integrated into the ceiling or a worktop extractor. As extraction is the most technical element of your kitchen (extraction volume, recirculation, noise level, installation), the kitchen designer who comes to your home will advise you on the best option.

Fridges and freezers

An integrated or freestanding refrigerator is a must to keep your food fresh. To make optimal use of the available space, opt for a combined fridge-freezer, which is ideal for everyday use, as its three to four drawers are large enough to store your regular shopping. An American fridge has an ice-cube and drinking water dispenser, and XXL capacity. As for the connected fridge, it allows you to manage your food stocks and use by dates, and suggests recipes based on the ingredients in your fridge.

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Wine Cabinets: the right temperature at all times

Integrating a wine cabinet into your kitchen is a real pleasure: the pleasure of selecting and ageing your wines, the joy of tasting them at the right temperature and sharing them... This little luxury has now become accessible to all. Preserving wine only requires an ageing cellar that allows you to keep the temperature at constant levels, has a hygrometer and keeps vibrations at bay. Wooden racks help to regulate temperature fluctuations.

Although wines are nowadays vinified for quick drinking, some grand crus need to be preserved for longer. Optimising your cellar means properly managing your tasting dates! They allow you to bring the wines up to temperature for consumption, according to their origin. And the multi-temperature system allows you to optimally manage your wine selection.

Free-standing or integrated dishwasher

The dishwasher significantly reduces water consumption and is generally installed next to the sink to optimise its use.

Integrated dishwashers are available with a width of 45 cm (for 9 dinner guests) and 60 cm (for 12/14 guests). Some models can even accommodate an additional cutlery tray for separating individual pieces of cutlery.  

If you choose a freestanding model, ensure its style is in line with that of the rest of the room for a harmonious look. Built-in dishwashers, on the other hand, are installed under the worktop, standing on the floor, while the cabinet versions can be fully integrated at an easy to use height. This higher positioning has the advantage of combining ease of use and ergonomics.


Coffee maker, food processor and small appliances

There are many small appliances to choose from. The question is which appliances you use regularly and which ones you would like to have within easy reach. The kettle and toaster are traditionally the most popular. Coffee makers, juicers and food processors can also be part of your daily routine. As for a food processor and steamer, these are a must for foodies and will require a dedicated space.

You may also have specific needs such as a slicer, a salamander grill or an ice-cream maker. If you use these appliances regularly, think about including them in your project. A well-arranged preparation area is essential to prepare tasty and creative dishes.

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