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Personalised Kitchen Styles: Modern, Contemporary & Traditional

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Choosing a kitchen style is a personal choice

When opting for a modern, fully-equipped, custom designed kitchen, you still need to make a few decisions about its overall look. Do you like simple and clean lines? Do you want a warm and welcoming feel? Do you prefer a classic and timeless style? Keep in mind that the décor you are going to create in your kitchen will be an investment for a long time to come. A small piece of advice: when making your choice, imagine yourself in your kitchen five years from now. The guiding principle in all of this? You need to enjoy your kitchen to the full!

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Grey and wooden kitchen style
A modern, functional, low-maintenance kitchen
Integrated appliances
A designer kitchen with sleek lines
Cooker in cottage style
A traditional kitchen, countryside chic
A contemporary kitchen to bring the family together
A natural, Scandinavian-style kitchen
An industrial kitchen, both modern and original

Kitchen styles modern, contemporary and traditional

A modern kitchen is a timeless design that has survived for decades. The modern kitchen is the compilation of an optimised layout with furniture whose clean lines create a clear and designer inspired environment. For example, your kitchen designer will play with the use of handleless furniture to emphasise the lines of the room.

The contemporary kitchen combines the elegance of the modern-design kitchen with the requirements of individual lifestyle. That's what gives it that diverse edge. An airy décor as well as a functional aspect are the two major characteristics of the contemporary kitchen. The opening up of the kitchen to the living room, the integration of a central island, or even a glass roof come within the scope of this style of kitchen.

The rustic style kitchen is strongly linked to regional styles. In the same way as regional architecture, traditional kitchens evolve over time, gradually transforming into a kitchen varying between modern and old elements. The vintage trend, for example, is bringing the return of old raw wooden tables associated with antique mismatched chairs.

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