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The living room has multiple functions: a place to enjoy meals, drinks and chats, or to read, watch TV, play games, have a nap... When designing this space, think about your habits and needs. You can complete this project in phases or all at once. Whatever you decide, we are by your side, ready to accompany you during this transformation.

Are you looking to create a library, a study area or a games corner in your living room? Then we will have a closer look at your wishes and the available space. We will visit you at your home, which allows us to understand the complexity of your ideas on site and propose tailor-made furniture solutions.

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My living room adapted to suit my lifestyle

Our homes are no longer a set of separate rooms. In fact, the living area is often opened up to create a more sociable environment. On the one hand, the living room should allow families to get together to discuss the highlights of the day or the plans for the upcoming weekend. On the other hand, it should allow you to welcome guests in a cosy atmosphere. Everyone should feel comfortable.

At times, you may feel the need to be alone, to recharge your batteries. Some like listening to music, others enjoying reading a detective novel or playing a game... Everyone has different needs at home. It is here that we bring you our expertise. We like to use sound-absorbing materials in the living room to create a cosy atmosphere. We also like to use light colours and let in plenty of daylight. In a nutshell, we aim to create a cosy cocoon for you to feel safe and comfortable.

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From contemporary to vintage: choose your favourite living room style

We can choose a single signature style, combine two styles or highlight one or two key elements.

- In a modern designer living room, we combine gloss lacquer, glass or metal. These materials, which are cold and sensory, are given a warmer touch through the use of lighting and textiles.
- In a more traditional living room, classic furniture brings in the warmth and comfort of a softer material.
- In a neutral living room, which has a soothing feel, white wooden furniture creates a space where you love to linger.
- In an industrial living room, metal is combined with wood to create an uncompromising style.
- In a vintage living room, the iconic 70s style is put in the spotlight through furniture and decorative objects reminiscent of this period.


A custom or modular living room

Designing a living room is no easy feat. You have to combine lighting and storage, open spaces and cabinets, materials and colours.

Modular furniture is used to create a design from standard elements which offer many possibilities but are still subject to dimensional constraints.

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Plenty of options for your TV unit: corner, wall-mounted, Scandinavian or industrial

Today, TV sets have become large, high-tech interactive pieces of equipment used for more than just watching programmes on. We organise plenty of activities around the TV, and we have many TV units to choose from:

- A corner TV unit helps to optimise space.

- A wall-mounted TV unit is characterised by its sleek design.

- A Scandinavian TV unit combines natural wood with white or pastel tones.

You can customise your TV unit to suit your habits and wishes, for example with sound accessories, games consoles and much more.

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Home Office/Study - an essential area for working from home

A Home Office or Study is high on everybody's list when working from home. It can be designed to suit exactly how you work, either paperless or in a more traditional way.

By creating storage that's personalised and also to cater for any technical requirements you can be so much more productive and professional.

Why not combine it with a space for children to do their homework?



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