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Tailor-Made Living Room Layouts And Designs

Make your house a home with a design befitting to your lifestyle


Open-plan living room design

A living room that opens up onto the kitchen creates a sense of space and cosiness, with a modern touch. The living room, with an open kitchen, forms a large open-plan living area at the heart of the home, which is appreciated for its bright and airy feel, but also for its practical nature.

Separate living space design

While open spaces are always in fashion, it can often be that you want a separate space for watching TV, reading or to spend time on your own. Family homes with quiet spaces can often be a requirement from both parents and children!

Ergonomics and a nice comfortable flow in the living room

For everyone to relax and enjoy spending time in the living room, you need to ensure a well-thought-out set-up with a comfortable flow. It is all about ergonomics. For example, if you have to pass through the living room to get to the dining room, then you need to plan for adequate room to move freely, without necessarily having to go through the seating area.

You can also opt for other solutions to organise your living room, particularly in terms of volume. For example, can you lower a ceiling to better delineate the spaces?

Which living room really suits you?


Entertainment area

Your living room is a welcoming place where you like to comfortably gather with friends and family, in a cosy and bright atmosphere, for a drink or a meal.

A place to relax

Your living room is a space for rest and relaxation, where you can read a book, watch a good film or simply take a short break...
livingroom_design_family home

The heart of family life

Your living room is the heart of the house, where every member of the family can come together, settle down and have a chat.

Living room colours and materials to suit every style

Are you unsure which colours and materials to choose for your TV unit or the library area in your living room? It all depends on the atmosphere you want to create. Wood and rattan are sought after for their natural look and warmth. Lacquered finishes are more designer-oriented. As far as colours are concerned, natural shades (white, beige...) add a hint of softness. But if you want to add texture and a modern touch to your room, opt for a piece of furniture in an intense or a subtle colour (classic blue for example, Pantone Colour of the Year 2020), or go for a mixture such as Illuminating Yellow & Ultimate Grey, their colours for 2021, which will add a dynamic edge to your interior.


Living room lighting: mix it up!

The lighting in a living room needs to make you feel comfortable – it should be neither too harsh nor too dim. The ideal solution for a bright living room is to use several light sources that allow you to create a different atmosphere according to the time of day.

General lighting illuminates your entire living room via a ceiling light and wall lights. Complement it with functional lighting or accent lights with variable intensity to illuminate specific areas of your living room. Maybe Smart lighting could be used to create mood lighting for different situations?

To add a decorative touch, do not shy away from modern or funky lamps. The idea is to create a mix of lighting sources to achieve a unique look.

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