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Kitchen accessories - it’s all in the details

Connected kitchen and smart sockets

Home automation is popular throughout the house and especially in a technical room such as the kitchen. Connected household appliances offer plenty of possibilities: you will be able to link your kitchen scales to your food processor, and follow the instructions for a recipe online, for example. The lighting in your kitchen, and even your vacuum cleaner, can be activated using a voice-command assistant. Small household appliances are plugged into sockets integrated into your furniture (with very discreet cable outlets). The induction charger for your mobile phone is integrated directly into the worktop with very discreet installation.

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Practical and sustainable waste management

Today, waste sorting is made easier by solutions that are integrated into your kitchen. Under-sink units are now designed to be fitted with built-in waste bins for waste separation. You can choose the size of the bins according to your consumption and the number of people in your household: 50 litres for high consumption, 35 litres for normal consumption and 15 litres for low consumption. The pull-out under-sink units can also be equipped with containers to store cleaning products, dustpans and brushes, and more...

Another interesting option in combination with the preparation area: a waste disposal unit fitted to the sink. Finally, stand-alone waste bins remain useful, especially if they are placed in the utility room adjoining your kitchen.

Breakfast bars, adjustable table legs and freestanding tables

The dining area in the kitchen can take many different forms:

- A breakfast bar can be positioned on supports connected to the worktop. You can choose from the same level as the worktops or a raised model.

- The table leg is a solution to extend the worktop as a dining area. Its height can be adjusted to suit that of your preparation area. This set-up allows you to use your dining area in a very flexible manner.

- A more traditional design consists of a table on standard-height legs. You can choose from chrome, stainless steel or lacquered legs.

The height of the top can be adapted to suit your needs with easily adjustable feet.


Breakfast bar - Adjustable freestanding table
Kitchen utensils storage solutions

Kitchen utensils

We offer you various solutions to integrate your kitchen utensils for a practical and functional kitchen. These include knife holders to protect the blades of your knives or spice racks and boxes for your condiments. Pan drawers are also a great option for the easy storage of pans, steamers and casseroles, especially as it allows you to make the most of the space available. We are always on the lookout for practical and reliable products to help you enjoy your kitchen to the full.

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