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Your Made to Measure Wardrobe & Storage Solutions

Bespoke fitted storage solutions to make your home truly stand out

Choosing made to measure wardrobes or a walk-in wardrobe means opting for personalised storage solutions adapted to your lifestyle. Discover the different types of storage solutions at your disposal for a made to measure wardrobe, whether it is a wardrobe with sliding doors or even under a sloping ceiling.

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Custom designed wardrobes: created to suit you

A made to measure fitted bedroom has two major advantages: it optimises the available space and it saves space. It is a real asset for your home interior.

There are many storage solutions to choose from to fit out your custom designed wardrobe. You will choose the best fittings based on the configuration of the room and what it will contain in order to meet your storage and organisation needs. Obviously, your fitted wardrobes must be functional and pleasant to use on a daily basis. This means that clothes, shoes and accessories will have a dedicated place in the storage units you have chosen.


Custom designed wardrobes and wardrobes under sloping ceilings

No more wasted space with made to measure wardrobes! Whether it is in a bedroom or a corner of the house, a wardrobe under a sloping ceiling optimises any small sloped area and boosts the storage capacity of your home. You can choose to leave it open or close it off with doors, and select your preferred colour and material. A made to measure wardrobe is instantly adaptable to all of your needs. Whether you want to store your clothes, household linen or bathroom accessories, a made to measure wardrobe can be customised for any storage solution, from shelves to drawers, adjustable shelves & hanging rails, corner storage and much more...

Wardrobe fittings: plenty of smart accessories to choose from

Nowadays, wardrobes come with countless accessories and clever storage options. A well thought out wardrobe is both practical and attractive to look at. And when it comes to accessories, wardrobes have lots of trendy options to choose from. They give your wardrobe a "showroom" feel. Just think of retractable or pull-down units which allow you to store jackets and shirts high up (thus saving space) while making them easily accessible, with just one swift movement. We also love everything that slides out, from trouser racks to belt racks and scarf holders. Ingenious!

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