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Made to Measure Kitchen Furniture - Cabinets, Wall & Base Units

Dreaming of a beautiful and practical kitchen? We’ll help you choose the right furniture sizes and features in line with your storage needs.


When choosing your kitchen furniture, you need to identify your storage needs. This also means finding the right worktop, depending on the choice of appliances to be included and any utensils you want to have readily available.

The style you want for your kitchen will also affect its layout. For example, a designer kitchen generally calls for large pieces of furniture.

In a modern kitchen, space is optimised and there are plenty of space-saving solutions. Ease of use and low-maintenance materials are a must in this type of kitchen. In a traditional kitchen, on the other hand, it's the décor that counts. The finishes, an over mantle and open shelves are used to create an atmosphere while maintaining their useful properties.

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Tall cabinets to optimise space

Tall kitchen cabinets have two major advantages. On the one hand, they offer plenty of storage space. On the other hand, they allow you to have a built-in oven, microwave, warming drawer, fridge, freezer and even a dishwasher. And there are lots of storage solutions to choose from: pull-out storage units, pan drawers, internal drawers, retractable doors for small household appliances etc.

As for the layout, you can create a wall of cupboards by combining 4, 5 or 6 tall kitchen cabinets. Several heights are available. You can use cabinets that occupy the entire height of the room or that reach halfway up. If you choose to use only base cabinets, your kitchen will feel very open, bright and airy.

Tall integrated storage cabinet
Wall Units

Wall units for a stylish look

If you want your kitchen to be fitted with wall cabinets, this will have a huge impact on the layout. We can create a minimalist look in your kitchen with wall cabinets and just one or two shelves. Or you can make a statement with wall units that extend across the entire width of the wall and all the way up to the ceiling.

In a designer kitchen, the tall cabinets are reduced to their simplest form or combined into a wide, stand-alone unit. In a contemporary kitchen, lift-up doors are favoured for their ergonomic design, while glass-framed fronts and LED’s are used for atmospheric lighting. The more classic, traditional kitchen is more likely to be made up of solid fronts and illuminated glazed display cabinets.

Base units: essential for a well-organised kitchen

Base units have become highly functional: pull-out solutions, pan drawers and more optimise space and make all of the elements of your kitchen accessible.

Today, we use corner units with carousel mechanisms that allow us to use what was once lost or hard to access space, for example Le Mans corner units. Waste and recycling sorting solutions, with a capacity of up to 50 litres, are installed with soft-close slides, making them easy to use. Pull-out bottle storage solutions, which can be upgraded, also allow you to store oil and vinegar. Last but not least, the under-sink cabinets can be equipped with an electric, automated front for easy waste disposal.


Base unit for wel-organised kitchen

Guarantees and commitments

We are committed to always delivering high-quality products and services. In fact, we will spend as much time as necessary to refine your design. We guarantee the completion of your project down to the smallest detail.

As for the furniture in your kitchen, you benefit from a guarantee of up to 15 years. The drawer runners and hinges are guaranteed for life by Blum. As for household appliances, they are guaranteed for 2-5 years depending on the manufacturer with the possibility of an extension to 5 years or longer where requested.

For the installation of the products, our 2 year company guarantee and that of our installer ensure your project installation is fully covered.

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