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Fitted Bedrooms, Innovative Furnishing And Storage Solutions

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Bedroom furniture has evolved tremendously over the last two decades. Today, we are offering innovative furnishing solutions for your home, from tailor-made wardrobes to walk-in wardrobes and cabinets, designed with you, at your home. Your interior is thus enhanced by the installation of personalised storage solutions, beautifully adapted to the configuration of your space. Fitted wardrobes have become more affordable, allowing you to change the layout of your rooms and make your home more practical, more functional and easier to live in. We are here to assist you in co-designing your fitted bedroom project. Designing a fitted bedroom should be a pleasure and we are keen to make it an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

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My fitted bedroom, made-to-measure and tailored to my lifestyle


A space to choose

You love choosing clothes and shoes that reflect your personality. You want to find a place for each item in your fitted bedroom, so creating a dedicated storage space for your collection is a must.

A room in its own right

Your walk-in wardrobe is well laid out, each space is optimised and it is semi-open and practical. You love to see which items you can combine on a daily basis, depending on your mood.

Changing spaces

Integrating a walk-in wardrobe in your room serves as a significant space-saving solution. It is all about creating a specific area, defined by your chosen colour palette, a different material, a screen or another object.

Bedroom designs and layouts

Your room is an oasis of peace. A walk-in wardrobe with a screen allows you to organise your storage space while preserving your privacy. It serves as a large storage space, yet it occupies a discreet area within your bedroom.

Are you planning to reorganise your sleeping area? Saving space, organising your clothes and shoes better, creating a comfortable area for daily use or even a master suite... Do you have more than one goal for this project?

Whether you want to create a dedicated area for each person or design functional, personalised layouts, ensure optimal storage for all of your clothing depending on how often you wear them or even showcase your collection, we are here to turn your wishes into reality!

We will discuss your preferences and create the walk-in wardrobe of your dreams, with you, at your home. Our goal? To build a relationship based on trust and choice!

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The walk-in wardrobe, a room in its own right

In recent years, our homes have evolved, boosting our quality of life. Today, the norm is to organise your home according to the way you use it.

The sleeping area, reserved for the family, is becoming more relaxing and it is organised according to our physiological needs. The walk-in wardrobe is positioned in this area as a dedicated space aimed at optimising your wardrobe. It is a large space, generally without doors, between the bedroom and the bathroom. Its layout should not disrupt your rhythm and sleep quality. In other words, the walk-in wardrobe is adapted to everyone's comfort.

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Tailor-made storage solutions for your walk-in wardrobe

Optimising the space in our homes has become a priority. Solutions such as walk-in wardrobes that allow us to enlarge living areas while increasing their storage capacity are in great demand. That is why our guiding principle is always to save space in every possible way.

We seek the best solutions to make use of every millimetre of space under the stairs, in cramped spaces or even under sloping ceilings. With a wide range of solutions available we have the expertise to customise your design to meet all of your requirements. Sliding doors, hinged or retractable doors, and flush-fitted fronts are all design elements that allow you to optimise your space.

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Fittings and accessories for a functional walk-in wardrobe

There are plenty of functional possibilities to equip a walk-in wardrobe. The functions of a walk-in wardrobe are vast, including coat hangers, trouser racks and wide, accessible drawers, height-adjustable cabinets, drawers and pull-outs with customisable dividers, storage baskets and boxes, shoe racks, etc.  Other functional elements are also appreciated, like a small knick-knack tray and a high-quality mirror placed in the centre of the walk-in wardrobe, as a mirrored door, on the back of a door, as a sliding element or as a table top mirror.

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