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Made to Measure Walk-in Wardrobes And Cabinets

We all have an idea of the ideal walk-in wardrobe, its layout, size, organisation... The walk-in wardrobe of your dreams should certainly meet your storage needs and the specific style you are after. At Raison Home, we will turn this dream into reality. The result? A made-to-measure walk-in wardrobe that perfectly meets your expectations and design constraints.

Enjoy our home design advice!

Custom-made walk-in wardrobe or cabinets

To successfully create your ideal walk-in wardrobe, we take numerous parameters into account, starting with the size and shape of your room. These play a key role in the design.

Ideally, if the space is narrow, we will opt for a linear design. If you have a long room, a parallel walk-in wardrobe would be more appropriate. A rectangular area is suited to an L-shaped walk-in wardrobe and a square area is ideal for U-shaped furniture.

In addition, it is essential to create a dedicated space for each person in the couple, to optimise the height of the room and to choose ambient lighting reminiscent of daylight in order to get a good view of the textures and colours of the fabrics.

The different walk-in wardrobe configurations


The U-shaped walk-in wardrobe

The U-shaped walk-in wardrobe is made up of 3 storage walls and is often also referred to as the “dressing room”. It is usually created in a dedicated room or in a large space. Practical, functional and spacious, this is the ultimate walk-in wardrobe! You can add a central island to create an intimate space where you can easily mix and match clothes and accessories.

L shaped dressing room

An L-shaped walk-in wardrobe is a design solution that can be used for small and large spaces alike. Depending on its size, it can easily accommodate shelves, wardrobes, drawers and corner shelves, or specific storage units for a perfectly organised walk-in wardrobe: trouser racks, underwear drawers, shoe racks and more.

Parallel dressing room

Covering 2 walls, facing each other, the parallel walk-in wardrobe is perfect for small rooms and offers enough space to walk around in the centre. Either one side is dedicated to the wardrobe and the other to shelves, or one side is reserved for one person and the other for another

Walk-in wardrobe lighting for a luxurious feel

A walk-in wardrobe is rarely open, so the lighting is essential for a functional and enjoyable experience, day in, day out. Firstly, choose colours that evoke daylight to enhance the natural lighting in your walk-in wardrobe. Secondly, opt for functional and discreet recessed ceiling spotlights.

Other lighting can be installed inside a corner unit, on hanging rails, along the back of the units, as additional lighting for the mirror, or even for highlighting flooring. Did you know that some LED solutions not only allow you to play with the intensity of the light but also to combine music and colours? We are here to guide you in finding the best solution for your wishes!


Walk-in wardrobe materials for a dynamic look

The world of made-to-measure walk-in wardrobes offers you an infinite range of possibilities.

We make sure the floor matches the furniture structures and fronts, while the ceiling is usually neutral and the walls relatively discreet. The furniture is often made of light to very dark woods such as walnut, rosewood or wenge. The fronts can be manufactured together with the furniture or we can look for complementary solutions.

You can choose from an extensive range of materials for your walk-in wardrobe (wood, lacquer, glass, laminate, textile, leather...), which allows you to create a special atmosphere in line with your design tastes.


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