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Kitchen Layouts & Designs

Find a kitchen shape and plan to suit your home


Designing an Open Plan Kitchen

It goes without saying that you have to adapt your design to your interior space. However, you can still make your own choices. We can open up spaces and breathe new life into your home. Whether or not you should open up your layout depends on the way you intend to use your kitchen. If you want to have a welcoming space where people can come together and chat, then opt for an open-plan kitchen, which blends in with the adjoining living and dining space.

Designing a separate kitchen space

Looking for a highly functional layout in a separate room? If you like to cook alone, a separate kitchen is ideal. A glass screen can also be a nice alternative. It looks great and has the advantage of protecting the living area from the cooking smells.

The different kitchen layouts


U-shaped kitchen

In a U-shaped kitchen, it’s important to organise the different areas properly. Create a balance between the storage, preparation, cooking and washing up areas to help the flow between them. Therefore, the sink area should be close to preparation and waste management areas.

L shaped kitchen

Historically, an L-shaped kitchen is the most classic and most common layout with a simple work triangle, suitable for both separate rooms and open-plan kitchens. However, we can revisit classic designs. Why not place the preparation area under the window, where the sink is traditionally installed?

Galley style kitchen

An L-shaped or galley style kitchen is extremely compact. The advantage is that you have everything at hand. Every area is optimised. A galley kitchen can also be installed in an open-plan layout to leave as much space as possible for the dining and living areas.

A central kitchen island: it doesn’t get any more sociable than that

Usually an island is placed in a larger kitchen or an open space adjacent to the living area. In addition to structuring the space, the kitchen island typically houses a preparation area to which a hob or sink can be added. A breakfast bar or a dining table with matching chairs or stools create a coherent transition between the two areas.

If you opt for a central island, make sure you can still walk around comfortably in the space and bear in mind the needs of each member of the family. Also ensure the whole unit is kept clean and well organised thanks to integrated storage solutions.

Colours and materials for a kitchen suited to your tastes

When combining colours, choose a dominant colour and several complementary colours. Depending on your wishes, you can create a soothing or an energising result.

When choosing colours for your kitchen (units, walls, floors, worktop), take into account your room as a whole. The floor should be rather neutral and low-maintenance. If the cabinets are neutral (white, beige, grey, black...) then you can choose a more dramatic colour for the walls.

As for the finish of the kitchen furniture, remember that gloss makes the space brighter while matt shades absorb light. Are you keen on a white kitchen? Or maybe you prefer a combination of black and wood? It’s up to you, depending on your tastes and the way you want to set up your space.  

Flashy yellow kitchen island

Lighting for a bright and functional kitchen

In a kitchen you should have as much natural light as possible. A well-orientated room, an open space, bright and reflective surfaces will allow you to increase the natural light in the space by one to two hours a day.

In addition to this natural light, you should opt for multifunctional lighting. We use zoned lighting for the whole room, with spotlights or suspended pendant lights. We also recommend functional lighting for the preparation area. Atmospheric lighting above the breakfast bar is also a nice addition.

Remember that warm white lighting promotes a warm and friendly feel. Cool white lights, on the other hand, are crisp and more suited to functional areas and contemporary designs.

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