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Kitchen Sinks & Taps

The sink area of a kitchen is an essential design element. It is where food is washed and prepared, dishes are cleaned, etc. So, be sure to choose the right kitchen sink and tap.

When you buy a kitchen, you naturally wonder about the most suitable kitchen sink and tap. You will need to make quite a few decisions: the number of bowls, the sink material, a sink with or without a draining board, a boiling tap, a shower spray tap, a waste disposal unit, a filter tap etc. Nowadays, since we have dishwashers, we tend to use the sink less, but a large sink is still an interesting option because it allows you to easily wash large containers or even oven trays. A good sink depth is recommended for intensive use. The draining board, on the other hand, is useful to dry the accessories of small appliances.

As far as the choice and colour of the material is concerned, a stainless steel sink is low-maintenance and is very hygienic. A granite style sink offers you a wide choice of colours, but hard water can leave traces behind that are difficult to clean. Functional and easy to maintain, a ceramic sink is available in several designs.

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In a small kitchen, you may have no choice but to install a small sink. However, if you have enough space, you can opt for a larger sink, even exceeding 500 mm, ensuring optimum comfort. A double-bowl sink is interesting for large families or kitchens without a dishwasher. In smaller spaces, a sink with 1.5 bowls is a good compromise.

Which material you choose for your sink is a matter of personal taste. A professionally designed stainless steel sink acquires a patina over time. A resin sink is strong and light. A resin and quartz sink is stain resistant and comes in a variety of colours. Ceramic sinks, which are available in many of the usual styles as well as Butler/Shaker styles giving a farmhouse look.

Inset sinks are the easiest option: they are available in many materials, easy to install and can be combined with any worktop. Composite and stainless steel sinks can be flush-mounted, level with the worktop. Undermount sinks require adapted worktops, with cut-outs and the option of a draining board integrated in the worktop. A Butler or Belfast style sink gives your kitchen a more traditional look.

White integrated sink

The tap, an important choice for a dynamic kitchen

Most taps on the market are mixer taps because they allow you to easily change the water temperature. Mixer taps come in a variety of shapes: shapes inspired by professional kitchens, compact shapes, gooseneck... You will easily find the right product for your needs. Important note: mixer taps can be used in combination with a farmhouse sink.

The spray head tap, which is usually equipped with two pressure levels, is convenient to rinse food and pre-wash dishes. You can also add an aerator to reduce your water consumption by up to 50%. If you want to stop buying bottled water, cartridge water filtering systems are a great solution. Finally, think of the soap dispenser you might want to add.

Stainless steel is an ideal material for high-quality taps that are used intensively. There are also many chrome taps on the market. Nickel, bronze, copper, black or white lacquered finishes are available to match your tap to your sink and the rest of your kitchen.

Sink shower spray head
Classic tap

Boiling Taps – a really useful addition

An extremely useful way to reduce energy usage and add a really convenient way to have instant boiling water. It’s not just for making tea & coffee but also for pasta, vegetables & rice. Imagine not having to wait for the pan to boil, instead fill it with 98o water and away you go! Completely safe with secure childproof handles and insulated sides to avoid scalding.

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