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The Raison Home Design Concept

What lies at the heart of your home design? You!

Raison Home is a network of designers working exclusively in your home to advise and guide you in all your interior fitted furniture projects.

Life is a chain of events, experiences and lifestyle changes - friends, relationships, work, weddings, children and their partners, single parents, retirement... As we all know, life rolls on, constantly evolving... Of course, every lifestyle choice comes with its own needs, wishes and plans for the kitchen, living room, storage space, bathroom... And as life changes, we need to change our space to ensure it meets our new lifestyle and its constraints.

We believe the best solutions for your interior are designed in your own home.


Raison Home, a unique experience

DIY stores, showrooms, kitchen designers, interior designers... You may have browsed through plenty of options but failed to find the design of your dreams. At the end of the day, your house is the only place where we can customise your project down to the smallest detail. Our designers will come to your home to co-design a tailor-made project for you. Your Raison Home designer acts as your single point of contact throughout this turnkey project!

Raison Home at your service, in your own home

Are you a homeowner looking to transform and furnish your home, and are you keen on making your own decisions? We want your house to be perfectly tailored to your lifestyle and allow for any compromises. That is why at Raison Home we focus on you, your lifestyle, your project and its integration into your interior. Our designers come to your house and take the time to listen to you and guide you in helping you to make the right choices.

Raison Home, co-creating with you!

It goes without saying that your project should be imagined and co-created with you! We put you at the heart of your project and confidently specify it down to the smallest detail! Share your creative ideas with your designer, who will make your ideal kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living room a reality! Your designer will come up with the ideal design for your new living space together with you and your loved ones.

Raison Home, from kitchens to home design

What if not only the kitchen but every room in your home were centred entirely around you and your lifestyle? Cuisines Raison, Europe's leading network of kitchen designers with over 100 designers in France, has evolved into Raison Home. Its approach based on co-creation at home can now be applied in every room of the house, from kitchens, bedrooms to walk-in wardrobes, living rooms and much more.

The technical constraints of your space count, of course, but your lifestyle is just as important... Not to mention the lifestyle of those around you! Are you an active family? Do you work from home? Do you have pets? Do you live in the city? Do you have children? Grandchildren? Friends who often stop by? You will receive an obligation-free personalised proposal within 24 hours. Are you ready to imagine yourself in your new space, entirely customised to your wishes?

Contact Raison Home for an initial personalised appointment at your home!

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Our promise to you? 101% trust and satisfaction with RAISON HOME

Our relationship with our customers lies at the heart of the Raison Home concept. As real professionals, at Raison Home, we carefully listen to get a full understanding of your needs, we provide professional assistance in the creative design and technical implementation of your project, and we guarantee that it will be completed successfully. But there’s more... We are 101% committed to remaining by your side throughout and aim to see you 101%™ satisfied!To discover all of our commitments, have a look at the section ‘Our promise to you’. Our goal? For you to be delighted with your project!
Our Promises to You

Customise your interior to reflect your lifestyle!

Why settle for a regular kitchen when you can have a kitchen designed around you? Why not arrange, furnish and decorate your bathroom in the colours that define your lifestyle and tastes, perfectly suited to your individual needs.

Get your creativity flowing with Raison Home!

Bring your dreams to be a reality with your RAISON HOME designer! Together, you will confidently co-design your project according to your personality and lifestyle!

At Raison Home, you are at the heart of your home design

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