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Tailor-made TV Units: Wall-mounted, Telescopic or Contemporary

Tailor-made TV units are becoming increasingly popular. Make the most of your living room and treat yourself to a customised TV unit! Whether it is a wall-mounted, traditional or contemporary TV unit, we can jointly create a unique, functional and stylish TV unit for a beautiful day-to-day living space.

Enjoy our design service in your own home!

Custom TV units: a big trend!

Tailor-made means you can design the piece of furniture around your lifestyle and there is no better way to express your creativity than to design your own. What if, together, we created a TV unit that meets all your expectations and interior design requirements? Your bespoke TV unit must first of all be functional to hold your large TV screen, yet it must also fit in with the rest of your room and match your wishes in terms of aesthetics. You can choose the material, colour, shape and style.


Wall-mounted, modern and adaptable TV unit

A beautiful, eye-catching wall-mounted TV unit gives the living room a modern touch. It saves space and, without touching the floor, creates a beautiful floating look. This type of compact furniture keeps the room bright and airy, making it feel bigger and creating more depth.

If you prefer a more classic look, opt for a freestanding unit, as a wall-mounted TV unit is more suited to a contemporary design of living room.

Telescopic TV bracket for convenience at all times

Mounting your TV on the wall will undeniably make your living room look cleaner and less cluttered. It is a minimalist and discreet look that gives your living room a modern and stylish touch, all the while saving space and creating an airy atmosphere.

A telescopic TV bracket allows you to fold the TV back against the wall. This means you can simply retract it when not in use. We recommend this feature especially if you live in a small flat and you are looking to save space.


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