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The bathroom is often connected to a bedroom and can form part of a master suite. Often small in size, it is a space which must be optimised to the full. The bathroom furniture, as well as the washbasin, have become design elements with sleek lines and contours for comfortable daily use. They perfectly blend into the overall design. The use of LED lighting has also enabled us to revisit mirrors, giving them additional features. We can advise you on the best furniture for your bathroom so that it can be harmoniously integrated into your overall project.

Enjoy our home design advice!

My fully equipped, custom bathroom, adapted to suit my lifestyle


A haven of relaxation

The bathroom can be designed in such a way that it promotes relaxation

A place to recharge your batteries

Sports and exercise are essential for a balanced lifestyle. Afterwards, a soak in the bath, an energising shower or an invigorating massage allow us to continue our day, interact and communicate with others in a dynamic way.

Beauty spa at home

When we take the time to get ready and do our make-up, we feel better and more confident. Transform your bathroom into the perfect beauty spa, with a dressing table area, led lighting, and a magnifying and illuminated mirror.

Space-saving storage

How about giving your bathroom some storage space? Using the space under the washbasin is a good start. Let's take a look at suitable solutions and furniture styles.


If you are looking for space-saving solutions, pull-out storage units optimise your space by using the full height of the unit. You can opt for an open solution with sleek lines and shelves to store towels and bathrobes. If the space between the unit and the washbasin is quite narrow, you can opt for a design that blends in with the shape of the basin.

There are plenty of materials to choose from: gloss or matt finish lacquer, laminate, glass, wood, veneer, resins... We advise you to focus primarily on the texture of the material since the surfaces in the bathroom are quite limited. Also keep in mind your routines: how do you use your bathroom (as a space to relax or recharge your batteries, or as a beauty spa at home). We will advise you on everything from colours and shades, to textures and material durability.

Space saving storage light blue bathroom
Fitted vanity unit

A fitted vanity unit

A bathroom can be a space for one person, for two or for more. Keep that in mind when choosing a vanity unit. We prefer each person to have a dedicated space where space allows for it. Generally, everyone uses different products and has different requirements.

Countertop washbasins allow you to extend the vanity worktop and combine functions such as a dressing table, a makeup area or jewellery holder, while built-in washbasins limit the available surface area and offer a more compact look.

You can choose materials that match the vanity unit fronts or opt for contrasting materials. Synthetic materials are perfectly suited to bathrooms and allow us to create perfectly integrated units.

washbasin&tap for bathroom

Which washbasin and tap should you choose?

Washbasins are mainly made of white ceramic. Resin is more commonly used for under-counter basins, while glass and stone are used for countertop basins.

- A countertop bowl-shaped washbasin requires a mixer tap installed on top or on the wall.

- A recessed basin has a tap fitted on top, resulting in a compact design.

- An under-counter washbasin, with a discreet look, has a mixer tap fixed to the vanity top, making it a low-maintenance option.

The washbasin taps can be coordinated with the shower and/or bath taps.

Additional storage space for your bathroom

When it comes to bathroom storage, you can either opt for an integrated layout and space-saving solutions, or you can go for a more unstructured design. Your beauty and make-up area can have a designer or a more exotic look. You can recharge your batteries in a zen like or bohemian setting. If you are looking to turn your bathroom into an invigorating space, opt for the Scandinavian style.

Whatever your design choice, a mirror is an essential item. You can add some small storage solutions, as well as creative lighting, which avoids reflections and is ideal for facial treatments. An anti-steam device is another possibility.

Do not forget the heated towel rail with a programmable heating function. Soft and warm bath towels will always be within easy reach for an even more enjoyable bathroom experience.

Additional storage for bathroom

Accessories that make everyday life easier

Accessories, some of which have a dedicated space, can improve your daily use of the bathroom.

  • A magnifying mirror should be discreet and backlit.
  • Get yourself some bathroom scales.

  • Store your make-up in a dedicated box or cabinet.
  • And make sure you have a bin in your bathroom.

The list goes on and depending on your habits, you can add a soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder, clothes hooks and more... You can even have a combination of music and LED lighting, light therapy or aromatherapy... The possibilities are endless. Treat yourself!

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