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Shower Room in Wimborne

Designed by Tess Stobie

Shower Room in Wimborne 1 Shower Room in Wimborne 2 Shower Room in Wimborne 3 Shower Room in Wimborne 4


Wood / Blue

Room Size

1 to 8m²

Customers needs
Create a pleasant and functional space that is dementia friendly and easy for people with limited mobility to get around
A small space where every inch has to work work and providing durable and hard wearing finishes.
Our solution
Going against convention, we placed the toilet in eye-line of the door so it was easily found. The shower was carefully selected to have the widest door aperture to allow assisted bathing. Careful lighting plan included an low level, low lumen automatic light to make it easy to find your way in the dark.
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We are so happy with our new bathroom, Thank you Tess!

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