Exclusive in home design service

Your kitchen from home and in 3D

3D will enable you to view concretely your kitchen project in order to choose its layout, colours and organisation. Your Raison Home, home designer guides you in finding the good plan.


The kitchen of your dreams takes shape in 3D

Raison Home’s 3D software includes all the room’s characteristics and specificities. Dimensions, place of the doors and windows, position of the radiators, sockets, switches, water mains inlet and waste disposal...everything is recorded in order to maximise your kitchen’s layout. With the 3D plan, you can view your project on the whole and your wishes become reality on screen. It is now an unmissable technology which makes sure to adjust everything down to the very last detail and to not make mistakes.

Your project comes true with a 3D kitchen plan

The 3D modelling of the kitchen integrates the perspective, depth, relief and light notions. Your new kitchen is presented to you in a situation, in its context and space. By viewing as closely as possible the reality of furniture, the selected units, the colours chosen for the walls, the splashback and the floor, you can make sure that everything is suitable for you: height of the work surface, layout, design...Or you can modify your choices to find the functional and ergonomic kitchen that is made for you, whether it is grey, white, red, Italian or American.

Go even further with Raison Home virtual reality

Seeing your new kitchen with a 360° viewing is now possible thanks to new technologies. After the validation of your project, your kitchen designer offers you a virtual reality headset and sends you the a link to download on your smartphone. This kit enables you to show a preview of your new living area to your family and friends. It is an original way to wait before the layout of your new kitchen and a additional reason to trust us.