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What is the Lagom in decoration?

After the Hygge coming from Denmark, here is the Lagom! The Lagom (pronounced Lar-Gom) is a swedish lifestyle that applies to numerous fields including the interior organisation. Its english translation would be “Just the right amount” or “Not too much, not too little”...


What is the Lagom?

The Lagom favours moderation and life quality through responsible purchases, healthy food, family times and moments away from screens… Close to nature, it is a philosophy that aims for consuming less but better. The goal is to fight waste. Another key element of the Lagom: declutter. In our kitchen cupboards and our dressing room, we select and only keep the essential, useful things that we really care about.

What is the definition of the Lagom for the interior decoration?

Natural is the key word of the Lagom. In order to adopt this lifestyle that extols balance, seriousness and minimalism, we choose convenient and aesthetically pleasing furniture as well as high-quality materials. The design is simple and elegant. As for the colours, they are not extravagant but light and soft. The idea is to have a nice, tidy and functional interior.

What about Lagom in the kitchen?

To put the Lagom in the kitchen, we choose simplicity. The room is to be tidy and clear so that we can circulate easily. The furniture is refined and ideally inspired by the scandinavian design. We favour wood and white to create a minimalist and comfortable atmosphere. As for the decoration, you can notice that plants, handmade items and things made with recycled materials are particularly appreciated to perfect the Lagom style.