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What is the colour of the year?

In 2018, a cosmic and a bit provocative colour has the place of honour! How to integrate it to your decoration? Discover some of our ideas…


The Pantone colour of the year, a symbolic choice of colour

Pantone, which is the worldwide reference of colours charts, reveals every year the colour of the year that will mark fashion, interior decoration, design …

To choose a hue, Pantone sends several people across the world to find the last trends and influences. If we go back to 2015, the colour Marsala, warm and modern, had been chosen colour of the year.

In 2016, it was not only one colour but a mix encouraging quietness and inner peace: quartz pink and serenity blue. In 2017, it was Greenery, a fresh and spicy green which, by its refreshing and revitalizing side, symbolised new starts and the return to nature.

In 2018, we look at life through ultraviolet-tinted glasses

Make the way for ultraviolet! Pantone reveals that they wanted a colour bearer of hope and which evokes “the mysteries of cosmos, the plot of what is to be expected, the discoveries to come”. Ultraviolet is mystical and intense and it invites us to a spiritual thought.

You can use it to paint a wall or a ceiling (a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom…) or just by little touches (for a light, chairs or curtains for example). It should be noted that ultraviolet combines very well with many hues such as mustard, golden, aqua, pine green

If you want to create a zen atmosphere, we suggest you combine it to a very light colour such as off-white (avoid grey which would fade it). If you want to create a warm atmosphere, combine it with brown. What do you think about integrating this colour to your interior?