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The kitchen digitalises

What will the future kitchen look like? Make way to digital cooking and connected tools that make life easier! The kitchen of tomorrow will firmly be innovative and will become the central living area of the house.


Digital tools in the kitchen

More and more people use a digital terminal to cook. Approximately 75% of English people use a digital terminal to cook, whether it is a laptop, a touchscreen tablet or a smartphone. This survey reveals that about 1 household of 4 people out of 2 uses a tablet to look recipes up. Besides, 60% of tablet owners use it in the kitchen. They look for new ideas, video recipes, techniques...with a certain advantage: today, they have an incredible quantity of recipes applications.

Tablets are not very bulky but very practical and therefore seem intended to a beautiful future in the cooking field. In order to have a comfortable and secured place in your daily life, it can be put on a prop (various models exist with different designs) or integrated directly in the work surface.

Connected household electricals

Smart and connected appliances are arriving in force in our kitchens and offer new perspectives. The objective is to make life easier and to gain time.

For example, the fridge of tomorrow will warn us about the almost expired products and will suggest ideas of recipes to cook them. It will also indicate missing products according to the list established.
Ovens will be able to stop the meat cooking when it will have reached the perfect heat at its heart.

As for connected robots, they are already in our kitchens! Thanks to their automatic programs, their manual mode and their integrated cookbooks, these connected culinary objects make meals preparation and baking accessible to everyone.

A multi-function work surface for your kitchen

In the kitchen of tomorrow, the work surface will be multi-functional because it will be possible to read recipes, weigh food, bake dishes or even recycle without any device.

This work surface will be revolutionary because it will be provided with sensors enabling to unite touchscreen technology, movement recognition and augmented reality. It will be at the service of a practical and environmentally friendly kitchen.