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Interior decoration: countryside style in the city

A countryside style kitchen is authentic and welcoming. Its atmosphere which is both glamour and rustic has nowadays numerous members. Discover how to adopt the countryside style in your home.


Countryside style or going back to nature

For a countryside house atmosphere, opt for raw materials: vintage panelling, visible beams, parquet, cement or floor tiles… Favour solid wood and worn out furniture: a big farm table, incomplete vintage chairs, an old dresser, a chest of drawers… They will form a charming and friendly mix.

As for the colours of the walls, opt for light and soft hues with the aid of paint or wallpaper. White or beige will perfectly contrast with a dark floor. It should be noted that red and white are frequently used in countryside decoration.

Decoration tricks to pave the way to your countryside-style kitchen

Time print is essential. Copper saucepans, pottery jugs or earthenware crockery evoke the countryside kitchens with charm and delicacy. Those items which can be found in second-hand shops or household attics, and once they are exhibited, they will immediately give a countryside spirit and a unique atmosphere to your kitchen. The countryside style brings handmade things out.

Put jam pots here and there on your kitchen dresser: return to childhood assured! And to refine your decoration, think about fresh and wild flowers…

Do you like a countryside style kitchen’s warmth and conviviality? Talk about it to your Raison Home, home designer for your kitchen project.