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Ceramic tiles on the floor

Whether it is in the kitchen, the living room or the bathroom, ceramic tiles are currently very trendy to cover the floor of our interiors. They are absolutely unavoidable and we like them for their patterns with character, their style and their vintage feel. Description.


Ceramic tile: a high-quality material with charm

Ceramic tiles are a thick (0.62 inches for the floor tiles) and heavy (35 kg/m2) material and they are strong, resistant and easy to maintain.

They should ideally be put on a flat and stable surface: either on a concrete screed or an old tiling (but in no case on a “living” floor). They are aesthetic and bring a decorative and original touch to the floors of your home. They can be used in different ways. You can use cement tiles to define a space such as the kitchen’s or to create an entrance by giving the illusion of a carpet. You can note that the ceramic tiles match wonderfully the parquet.

Ceramic tiles on the floor bring charm and style to your kitchen

Ceramic tiles are trendy because they never stop enriching new designs. The hardest part is to pick the shape, the pattern and the colour among the multitude of cement tiles available… The result is guaranteed!

Whether it is to highlight a central island or to mark the transition with the living room, if you opt for cement tiles for your kitchen floor, you will receive a particularly stylish and harmonious depiction thanks to an alternation of white, black and grey tiles. If you aim for a more unique result, choose a coloured tiles with various patterns patchwork. The choice is almost infinite.