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3 kitchen layout trends for 2018

The past few years have clearly given a growing place to kitchens, going from a small dark room where we spend the least time possible to a big open room where we spend more living time and enjoy cooking!


The cooking, manual activities, children homework, checking of the news...everything happens in the kitchen now! As a consequence, this room evolves with the way we use it. Here are a few striking elements of 2018

2018 trend n°1. Central island

The kitchen is a veritable living room on condition of having converted a few spaces to take place comfortably! Central islands and bars have almost become essential. Thanks to them, we can host without leaving the guests alone in another room because everything is open! Some might be reluctant because of the smells, but you should know that technologies have developed in the past few years in terms of cooker hoods which guarantee an atmosphere without unpleasant smells.

2018 trend n°2. Ergonomic of the storage units

About the half of English people can confirm that their kitchen could be redesigned in such a way as to be more ergonomic. How can that be explained? The proximity between the working units (cooktop, oven, fridge), the storage method of the cupboards, the shelves layout, the circulation space in the kitchen… all these elements can be redesigned in order to improve your kitchen’s ergonomic. Moreover, we opt for large amount of storage with a few glazed cupboards to glimpse your most pretty plates.

2018 trend n°3. The design of the living room

The kitchen is practical but also has to be design. Indeed, this room becomes the main place to live in and to welcome guests, but we do not skimp on the decoration. In 2018, white, grey, pastel colours touches and wood were clearly put in the spotlight. Plants are also at the centre of the kitchen, not only as a decorative element but like a real culinary source. The best would be to have a window box with aromatic plants directly in your kitchen!