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Which cooker hood to choose for an open-plan kitchen?

A cooker hood is an essential equipment for a kitchen and it has to be chosen according to several requirements including the organisation of the room. You have an open-plan kitchen and you don’t want the cooking smells to spread in all your house? Discover how to choose your cooker hood well.


The different functions of a cooker hood

A cooker hood is multifunctional. Its sole utility is to evacuate the cooking vapours and to limit the spreading of smells. It is also able to limit the fat sediments on your kitchen surfaces (walls, ceiling, furniture). It contributes to the purifying of the interior air as well. Finally, in addition to forming a supplementary light source, it is a full decorative element in your kitchen.

Points to consider when choosing a cooker hood for an open-plan kitchen :

  • If you are living in a house, opt for a ducted-extraction hood (the vapours are evacuated toward the outside of the house via a conduit) and if you are living in an apartment where the outside evacuation is technically impossible, opt for a recirculating hood (the system works with a closed circuit).
  • For an open-plan kitchen, play the discretion card by choosing an integrated hood which will perfectly fit in the decoration of the kitchen: a retractable hood or a filter unit. The drawer (or telescopic) hood is also an excellent option: it switches on when pulling the drawer and switches off when pushing it. Only the strip stays visible.
  • If you prefer to give a decorative function to the hood, choose a decorative or island hood, according to the configuration of your kitchen, which is available in a large selection of shapes and materials.

Make sure to choose a cooker hood which suction power and sound level can be adapted to the layout: the cooker hood should be powerful enough to freshen the air of the room without being too loud.

Get in touch with your Raison Home ,home designer: they will give you advice and guide you in the choice of your cooker hood.