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Lighting: which lights to choose for the kitchen?

The kitchen is a major room of the house in which we eat, share, read, work… Lights play an essential role in it because they guarantee your comfort.


Choosing the right light for the kitchen: basic rules

1. Take into account the functional needs of your kitchen: you need light to prepare your meals.
2. Mix the sources of light in the room to change atmospheres easily and to go from a bright light to a more intimate atmosphere.
3. Pay attention to the decorative aspect of the lights: they will add value to your kitchen!
4. Give priority to metal or glass lights which are easy to clean (fabric lights which do not tolerate humidity and fat sediments).

What types of lights to choose?

Make sure to have a good general ceiling lights. Do not hesitate to choose a design or XXL ceiling light! This type of light releases a harmonious light and therefore it is generally installed in the middle of the room, above the table or a central island.

Specifically light the key areas of your kitchen (work surface, hob, sink). It is important for your visual comfort as for your safety. For that, choose strong, precise and functional located lights such as integrated spotlights, LED rods or lighting strips.

Add a set of mural wall lights in order to create a subdued light which is ideal when you simply want to prepare and enjoy a cup of tea in your kitchen for example. Also think about integrating lights in glazed units to create a mixture of light.

The possibilities of lighting are infinite in a kitchen. Contact your Raison Home, home designer: they will help you to find the best lighting solutions for your kitchen.