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How to create an open plan kitchen and living room?

Would you like your kitchen to open directly into the living room in order to maximise space? Discover how to integrate the open plan of your kitchen in your design project.


4 ideas to remove the walls of your kitchen

Whether you have a small or large room, the opening of your kitchen is possible. It enables to gain space, light, fluidness and conviviality because it corresponds to your current lifestyle.

What to do when the wall is removed?

  • Install a central island in the place of the wall
    The central island enables to separate the kitchen from the living room. When matching the stools, it becomes a convivial eating area or a bar which is perfect to welcome a few friends. According to your needs, a hob or a sink can be added to the island.
  • Replace the wall by a glass wall
    The glass wall goes from the floor to the ceiling and it divides with style two spaces and lets the light pass. It is the ideal solution for an open-plan kitchen without its main disadvantage: the cooking smells. Removing a full wall is not always possible.
  • Install a sliding door
    Using a full or glazed door is an excellent solution: you completely conceal the kitchen or you leave the door open when you want to. Even better: the pocket doors which disappear completely in the wall.
  • Play the half-open plan card
    In order to create a continuity between both rooms, it is possible to remove the wall with a half-glass wall in the superior part of the wall.

Trust your Raison Home home designer’s experience for your open-plan kitchen project: they will know how to advise you and suggest the design of your dreams.