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Choosing well your household appliances

A kitchen’s household electrical have to be well chosen according to its potential use and to the decoration of the room.


Millions of household appliances are working and millions are sold in England each year on the market. Faced with a diversified offer, it becomes difficult to make the good choice and to find the price-quality ratio, especially knowing that the same device is often sold by several brands at different prices. Four categories of household products form this brand:

  • the cold: fridge, freezer and wine cellar
  • the washing: washing machine, clothes dryer and dishwasher
  • the cooking: cooker, hob, steam oven, microwaves and integrated oven
  • the cooker hood: suction and decorative hood

If the trade has increased by 0.8% in 2016, we should note that integrated appliances are achieving a great success. Innovative products and connected and smart household devices are more and more present in our homes. The brand and the performances are the first decision criterias of the buyers. Durability, after-sales service and the energy consumption play an important role too.

The bulk, the ergonomics, the capacities and the design strongly influence the buying trends. At the time of open kitchens, the style of the appliance has to be integrated to the interior decoration with harmony.

How to choose well your home appliances?

Working on the assumption that we all have different habits and expectations, we first have to ask ourselves the right questions and then to classify our priorities.

What is my budget? What functions do I expect from my washing machine, my oven and my hob? Do I favour user-friendliness of technical nature? What product requires more vigilance for the energy consumption? Is the device too loud to integrate it into my main room? How much room do I have?

All these criterias are important, but with an equivalent price, choosing the least energy hog equipments will lighten your budget. The consumption labels are now very explicit for they go from A+++ to D. Decibels are usually indicated

Guarantees,certification labels are extra quality criterias. Security, conformity and respect of the environment are also information to check before purchasing.

As for the design, it is about taste and arrangement: integrated appliance fits in easier in a new decoration and enables to maximise the organisation. A kitchen renovation is often the ocasion to renew the equipments, but there is no obligation, this is the advantage of made to measure. When you at your home, our home designer will consider the existing and adapt their offers to your expectations and to your budget.

Choosing my convection oven

The oven is often used to bake, roast, grill, brown… and convection stays the baking way that suits everyone for its homogeneity. It enables to prepare several dishes at the same time without mixing tastes and smells. Indeed, at 180°C, oils and fats do not burn and it is also better for our health. When ventilated at a low temperature, tarts and gratins bake in a homogene way while assuring the chicken au gratin for example.

If you want to take advantage of technical innovations, many options for ovens are available on the market such as steam cooking, meat probe, telescopic rails or retractable door.

Choosing my induction hob

If the induction is more expensive than a cooktop for the hob, it presents many advantages. Boiling two litres of water only takes 4:45 minutes whereas it takes 8:18 minutes with gas. The energy consumption on the cooktop is therefore less important: 225 watt-hour instead of 390 watt-hour. The maintenance of hot water is easier: the precision of idle enables to stop the cooking. For example, softening up chocolate without burning it is a real pastry chef’s secret. The hob is easier to clean and it is less dangerous for kids who cannot burn themselves. Many models exist in 2, 3, 4 or 5 areas and even in an expandable version.

Choosing my cooker hood

Finally, the cooker hood now has a dominating place in the kitchen. If its functions are still sometimes decorative, its utility does not need to be proved and is characterised by several points:

  • stopping smells to spread in the accommodation
  • expelling humidity in order to not have condensation
  • eliminating fats
  • getting rid or reducing ventilation sounds
  • clearing the work surface and the cooktop
  • extracting the least of air to not spend too much
  • the cooker hood is aesthetic and has to be compatible with your kitchen’s style

RAISON Home, home designers are qualified to advise you and guide you in your appliance layout choices. Our multi-brand platform enables them to select with you the material adapted to your needs, your project and your budget. They are informed of the market’s novelties and innovations and they know how to integrate the technicity that can facilitate your daily life to their offer. That is also the notion of home service.