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6 tips to carefully choose one’s kitchen designer

Nowadays, the kitchen is unquestionably at the heart of the household. Its purchase or renovation forms an important decision and investment.Would you like to have a complete, high-quality and made to measure kitchen? A project of kitchen doesn’t create itself, therefore here are 6 tips to help you select your kitchen designer.


Choosing a good kitchen designer
1. Express your needs

A good kitchen designer is a professional who takes into account all your expectations and who maintains a personalised relation with you. They are your only representative throughout each step of your kitchen project, starting with the discovery of your wishes.

They have to be able to clearly identify your needs according to your tastes, your habits and your budget. Which colours and materials do you prefer? How many people do you cook for? Do you enjoy cooking and hosting? What place does the kitchen take in your house? You have to answer to all those questions to your kitchen designer.

Choosing a good kitchen designer
2. Create the kitchen of your dreams

Modern, contemporary, traditional or shaker, whatever the style of the kitchen you are looking for, your kitchen designer has to prepare with you a project that conforms to your expectations while respecting the constraints of the room and maximised according to the space and to your use.

They have several propositions in particular for the choice of the furniture, the materials and the household electrical appliances, they will take the time to advise you and to guide you in your choices. In order to create your new kitchen and bring you the comfort you need, they need to know how to combine quality, functionalities, aesthetics and price.

Choosing a good kitchen designer
3. Get a precise cost estimate

The estimation of the total cost of your kitchen project is an essential precondition. It has to be coherent with the budget you set yourself. Indeed, a precise costing of the whole deal (plumbing, electricity, carpentry, purchase of the furniture, installation…) by a professional is necessary before beginning the building or renovation work. The work of each participant has to be estimated in order to know the total cost of the work.

Your kitchen designer has to be able to give you a complete estimate of your project along with technical plans. It will prevent bad surprises between the budget initially planned and the final bill.

Choosing a good kitchen designer
4. Research additional services

Can your kitchen designer take charge of the installation of your kitchen? You have to know that the installation is a decisive step of your project. It is based on a true skill and a rigorous work, and will result in the success of your kitchen project.

Choosing a good kitchen designer
5. Examine with attention the commitments of your kitchen designer

Does your kitchen designer respect the legislation in force? As a consumer, you are protected by the legislations from the sales approach, the technical service, the security.

Ensure they keep you fully informed at all stages of your project, respecting any delays announced for the delivery and installation of the kitchen so that you can rearrange the timings of your project to suit you.

Choosing a good kitchen designer
6. Be accompanied from A to Z.

To successfully complete your made to measure kitchen project, you can call on to the skills of a kitchen designer who coordinates the whole of the project to insure its success: discovering your needs, taking of the measures, choice of the furniture and appliances, providing the quotation, arranging the delivery and installation to the completion of your project.

Choosing a good kitchen designer
Do you have a kitchen project?

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