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Why to choose an integrated kitchen?

The appliance design is elegant with stainless steel in frontage. No need to hide them anymore! Integrated kitchens are therefore the solution!


A few years ago, we used to install a lot of integrated kitchens. The appliances were hidden behind the cabinet doors: fridge, dishwasher, cooker hood...all the devices were discreet.

An integrated kitchen for a more modern room

Now, the design of the appliances is elegant. Simple materials such as stainless steel are used to give them a nice appearance. No need to hide them anymore! The kitchen designers will therefore easily offer you models of integrated kitchens : niches are designed in furniture to collect perfectly different devices, but their frontage is visible. Thus, you keep the advantages of an integrated kitchen: the overall lines stay refined. There is no device to be in the way on the work surface since you have a piece of furniture for the oven and an integrated microwave for example.

A more hygienic solution

An integrated kitchen is also more hygienic. You do not have joints and disgraceful spaces between the gas cooker and the kitchen piece of furniture for example. You have at your disposal one nice work surface which can be cleaned easily.

Your home designer will know how to give you the best solution for an integrated kitchen which will match your needs and tastes. Do not hesitate to let them know yous wishes!