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The height of the kitchen work surface is a fundamental factor

Cooking on a work surface that is too low or too high can have serious consequences on your health. For this reason, the height of your kitchen work surface has to be adapted to your height. Discover our explanations.


The height of the work surface is a true attention point. Do not neglect it especially during the conception and the ergonomic choices of your kitchen.

Why is the height of the work surface important?

A succeeded kitchen is a kitchen in which you feel comfortable cooking and doing the daily movements: washing vegetables in the sink, chopping them, simmering them on the hob, washing the dishes… During these activities, you should not need to raise your shoulders or to bend. Your back should stay straight. Yet, most of the kitchens are equipped with a standard height work surface.

This height, which is about 87 cm has changed a bit since the average height of people has increased throughout the years. It should actually be 89 cm high even 94 cm high in order to conform to the population growth.

What height to install the work surface?

We are not all the same height! Also, the right height of the work surface will change according to people and their morphology. It is your job to define, with the help and advices of your RAISON Home designer, the height that is suitable for you to enjoy your kitchen the most. Remember that the work surface should approximately be situated at the height of the waist of its main user. Moreover, another technique, used to measure the right height of the work surface, consists of using the elbow bent at 90 degrees as a reference: it should ideally lie between 10 and 15 cm above the work surface.

What are the advantages of a work surface height made to measure?

The height of a work surface plays a primordial role on your health. When chosen well, it will save you from being in pain around the neck, shoulders, back…
Besides, if your work surface is raised (for example, installed higher than 89 cm instead of 87 cm according to your height), it will enable you to gain enough space to add more drawers. It is an advantage to not neglect that adds to the usage comfort you benefit from everyday and which you will quickly feel the benefits of.

Finally, we advise you to spare yourself! For your kitchen project, think about your health when choosing the height of the work surface adapted to your needs. In order to do so, trust Raison Home designer who will know how to put your work surface at an appropriate height, synonym of daily comfort and responsible for the best using conditions for you and your family.