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The different kitchen models

The establishment of a kitchen can be made in different ways: in I, in U, in L, in G, in parallel, etc. How to choose among those different kitchen models?


First, the constraints of your accommodation have to be taken into account.

A kitchen in U to have everything within easy reach.

In a U shape kitchen, the chef will always have their utensils within easy reach. They will only need to make one step to go from the sink to the cooktop before taking something in the fridge. Besides, this layout enables you to have many storage units and adapts to open kitchens as well as closed rooms.

A G shape kitchen or with a central island will adapt to big kitchens and accommodations with big volumes. According to your needs and to the shapes of the room, our Home Designer will suggest the most adapted kitchen model. Do not hesitate to contact us.

A I shape kitchen to delimit spaces

For example, a I shape kitchen is particularly suitable for small apartments where the least space matters. It is especially true for corridor kitchens. With this type of kitchen, you can install your work surface, the preparation and cooking surface on the same side in order to have enough place on the other side for the table for example. But you can also choose this type of layout in an open room. Thus, the kitchen part will clearly be separated from the dining room.