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Small kitchen and kitchenette well laid out

A small kitchen well laid out does not have anything to be jealous of a big one. Numerous solutions exist to gain space and widen it. Storage units well designed and an adapted furniture will make the difference, it is the benefit of a made to measure at home.


Little kitchen will grow up

Several tricks enable you to gain space in a small kitchen. In order to maximise the floor area for example, it would be better to favour high and not very deep furniture which will provide nice storage units that go up to the ceiling. Flap tables, sliding cupboards, retractable shelves and credence rails are possible solutions to gain space. An ingenious small kitchen can be very practical and can even offer an eating area if it is well fitted out.

Small kitchens are charming

Aesthetics have the same importance in small and big rooms to lighten the space. Choosing to build in the appliances to hide them behind cupboard doors enables to refine the lines like in an Italian kitchen. In that case, made to measure is essential. Your Home Designer will know how to advise you to make your kitchenette a comfortable and ergonomic living space adapted to your expectations and tastes.

A small kitchen has a simple decoration

It is well-known that light colours widen the space and let the light in. A white micro kitchen boosted by a few touches of bright colours for the decoration will look extended and dynamic. The colour nude or wood beige are ideal as well. Harmony is essential in small spaces which should avoid being overloaded. The light should also be adapted, spotlights and ceiling lights will give style to your small kitchen. If it is open on the main room it will look like a big kitchen.