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Preparing my kitchen layout project

Before throwing yourself body and soul into plans, drawings, the search for professionals, etc. Raison Home makes a checklist of the main points to not forget when preparing a kitchen design project.


A kitchen project’s checklist

The kitchen is the room where we spend most of our time and the average lifespan of a kitchen is 20 years. Therefore, it is important to design your project well in order to make the kitchen a functional and nice space to live in. For that, a detailed checklist of the steps and actions to make is important.

Organising your kitchen

Each kitchen is unique and there is no standard plan to organise it. The design will be different whether it is an open-plan, half open or closed kitchen and will depend on the size of the room and its spot in the home. Discover our file about the kitchen establishment.

Maximising the storage units in the kitchen

Kitchen cabinets are always full of crockery, pans, food, household products, small appliances, everything has its place. Therefore, it is essential to think hard about the storage units before your project in order to make your kitchen practical.

The height of a kitchen work surface

In order to avoid adopting bad postures and insure a daily comfort of use, the height of your kitchen work surface has to be adapted. The oven, the sink and the appliances also have to be placed at a good height to be easily accessible.

Discover our file about the height of the work surface.

The designing is an essential step of the kitchen installation A kitchen made to measure has to perfectly adapt to the room in which is it being installed. The designing is a decisive step because each centimeter matters, the elements have to be joined and straight and the cabinet doors well aligned… A expert is necessary