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Open-plan or traditional kitchen?

When renovating an old house, the same struggle always surfaces: should we convert to an open-plan or traditional kitchen?


A traditional kitchen is a rustic-like kitchen and often closed and separated from the dining room.

An open-plan kitchen is the opposite: a room designed to open onto the living or dining room.

The style of a traditional kitchen... Both these layouts have advantages. In the first case, this is where the magic happens. The chef is at the stove and simmers their dishes! No more problems of smells in the rest of the house, all you have to do is close the doors! The traditional kitchen often has the space to prepare meals and a lot of storage units.

...Or of an open-plan kitchen?

The advantage of an open-plan kitchen is that the chef can keep talking to their guests whilst preparing the meal. The room is part of a vast ensemble which includes the kitchen, the dining room and sometimes the living room.

So, how to choose between a traditional and an open-plan kitchen? The best is to think about the style you want your house to have. Do you want a contemporary and very open house where the kitchen is often at the heart of the house? Or do you prefer a house with a traditional charm where each room has its function?

Do not hesitate to ask help to our Home Designer to make your choice. They will know how to find the kitchen style your need.