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Open-plan kitchen

Nowadays, the kitchen is a fully-fledged room of life and is an essential part of the home.


If you like cooking while chatting with your guests or enjoying the living room atmosphere while creating beautiful dishes, open-plan kitchens are made for you.

Open-plan kitchens are sociable

Open-plan kitchens are generally structured around a bar, a counter or a central island in order to form one single room with the living room. The person who cooks can then share each moment with the other members of the family or stay close to their guests while managing the meals, and vice versa of course. Open-plan kitchens, are more adapted to our current ways of life because they maximise the space and provide our interiors with elegance.

An open-plan kitchen is practical

Open-plan kitchens were at first designed to convert urbain apartments and were called kitchenettes, and now they are a must everywhere. Removing the wall offers more space and light. Opening this place brings sociability everyday. If moving freely without having to cross doors is nicer to serve meals, it also helps to watch what is being cooked while doing something else. Since we are always in a hurry, it is very practical!

Open-plan kitchens are always trendy

The design of open-plan kitchens have evolved throughout trends of interior architecture and design. Worktops are more and more replaced by central islands which according to their design act as eating area, work surface or hob.

In order to fit in harmoniously with the rooms it adjoins, the open-plan kitchen is refined and has discrete lines. The furniture influenced by italian design becomes more plain, all the units are integrated, the handles are hidden and technical nature also has its place in the kitchen.