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Making sure to have a kitchen with maximised storage units

Kitchen storage units are always filled with crockery, saucepans, food, household products, small appliances, everything has to find its place.


It is therefore essential to think well about the storage units before your project in order to make your kitchen practical.

Wall furniture

Wall pieces of furniture are reserved to putting away the crockery and lighter items such as plates, glasses, bowls and cups. Preferably put the items used daily in cupboards or on shelves easy to reach. The integration of a shutter furniture is also an excellent idea to keep the devices often used plugged in and ready to use. For breakfast for example: cafetiere, kettle, toaster.

Raison Home trick: in order to multiply the tidying areas without overloading the decoration, install section handles which are discreet and aesthetic and that follow the line of the furniture.

Base level furniture

In a corner of the kitchen, a turning tray facilitates the access to the different products put in the furniture. Sliding furniture are practical as base level furniture and enable to not waste space. They are perfect for spices, bottles, household products or the bin.

Raison Home trick: put a non-slip mats at the bottom to stop the objects from moving when opening or closing the cabinet.

Diverse drawers and storage units

A wide drawer installed under the work surface and easy to reach proves to be practical to put away utensils and grab a spatula when cooking. Saucepan drawers enable to expeditiously put away big plates, salad bowls and sets of pans of course.

Raison Home trick to maximised storage units: a magnetic utensil rack or an utensil hook rack is very practical to hang utensils, knives or spices.
In order to maximise the tidying of your kitchen, each meter, centimeter can be used, all you need to know are the good tricks… Your RAISON Home designer knows how to advise you ergonomic solutions that are adapted to your space in order to design the kitchen of your dreams. Call them, they comes out to your house at the time that suits you.