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Italian kitchens, the dolce vita made to measure

Regarding design, the Italian expert is well-known throughout world. Refined lines, functionality, elegance and harmony are some of the advantages of Italian manufacturers Italian kitchens are at the forefront of innovation.


The Italian designers are the precursors of aesthetic, ergonomic and technologic trends and they offer numerous innovations each year. A kitchen equipped by the Italian inspiration is recognised by its minimalist style, its simplicity and its refined lines. The furniture is often top of the range with thorough finishing touches and favours smart storage units and high-tech appliances. The cabinets and drawers do not have handles anymore and home automation invades the contemporary Italian kitchens.

The italian kitchen is at the heart of the home

The kitchen has become a living room where we enjoy exchanging and sharing good moments. The Italian designers have integrated this revolution and imagined spaces opened to the living room which favour sociability and community life. The island models are numerous and they multiply the singular and original arrangements. Round island, bar island, table island or even multiple islands. The kitchen is designed made to measure according to the given space and the style searched mixing the colours, materials and forms in harmony.

The Italian kitchen is aesthetic

If the Italian kitchen is functional, it also wins on discretion and hides the most units with elegance. The sink, the hob and the fridge hide behind big folding or sliding doors, the cooker hood can even go up once the preparation of the meal is finished. Numerous tricks and combinations are possible and adapt to small and big rooms, whether you look for a refined style or a gain of space, design or functional, Italian or not, your Raison Home, home designer will know how to advise you.