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Integration of a kitchen

At Raison Home, our Home Designers will take into account your wishes concerning interior decoration and the functionalities to integrate a kitchen in your home.


A kitchen designer’s work is to integrate a kitchen in the room you choose in a harmonious way.

Integrating a kitchen in the home

The integration of a kitchen can replace an already existing kitchen within the scope of a renovation project or in another room if you want to rethink the layout of your entire home.

Whatever the arrangement you plan to do, we bring you all our expertise to create a kitchen that corresponds with all your expectations: water mains inlet, place of the gas hob or induction, functional opening of cupboards doors...the aesthetic environment that corresponds to your tastes.

In order to make the integration of your kitchen in the rest of the home harmonious, we will also take into account the layout of the other rooms so that the transition from the kitchen to the living room, for example, is discreet.