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Gaining space in your kitchen: tidying tricks

Are you wishing to maximise the square meters of your kitchen? Discover a few simple layout solutions that will allow you to gain some space.


Using the height under the ceiling

All the walls are to be part of the organisation of your kitchen. What if you installed mural shelves above your furniture? It is a practical trick to gain storage space without losing useful surface. You can put objects that you do not use daily as well as decoration elements: clock, frames, vases, plants…

In order to keep what is essential within easy reach, this good idea consists of installing a utensil rack above your work surface. It can take the utensils as well as chopping boards, spices… You can also use your utensil rack to line up knives on a magnetic rail: it will make your kitchen look professional.

Maximising the cupboards

A rail installed inside a cupboard enables to hang cups and mugs and to put them away easier and so to gain space. A basket hung to a shelf or to the door of a cupboard is practical too because it increases the room of storage. Finally, in order to facilitate the circulation in your kitchen, think about choosing a bin that can be fixed to the interior of a cupboard door.

There are numerous more tricks to gain space: retractable units, adjustable furniture, drawers at floor level instead of skirting board…

Talk about it with your Raison Home, home designer: they will know how to advise you and suggest organisation solutions to meet your expectations.