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Creating your kitchen in 5 steps

When somebody moves in, they want to feel at home. Work is to be planned, decorating to think about and kitchen to imagine. A Raison Home expert shares his tips in 5 steps.


1. Starting the project from the first phone call

When on the phone, you will describe your project in full and put the emphasis on certain points such as the budget, the colours you have thought about, etc. The kitchen designer needs to go on the spot to do the inventory, to determine the needs and to make the appropriate choices. He observes the sources of light, the volumes and the possibilities for the modification of the space which you might not have thought of. He also takes into account the potential work (plumbing, electricity, building…).

2.Choosing your kitchen materials and household appliances

The materials used in your kitchen are to be chosen carefully. Some need more maintenance than others, the resistance to the impacts and the heat vary as well from a one material to another. Naturally, this choice will be made accordance to the use of your kitchen and to your budget. A work surface made of quartz will not cost the same that a granite work surface. This also applies to the choice of the household appliances: oven, hob, cooker hood, dishwasher…

3.Approving the 3D plan and the budget

Once both choices are approved, the kitchen designer draws a 3D plan which allows you to easily consider the way your kitchen will look. That is when the final details are discussed in order to respect the expected budget.

4 Ordering and installing the kitchen

For a mobile kitchen designer, it takes about 6-8 weeks for the making of the furniture. They are then delivered to your house at the same time as the household appliances so as to be installed by professionals. The expert will be present at every key step of the project in order to check the progress of the installation.

5.Setting up your warranties

Your Raison Home expert will help you set up your warranties to Insure your peace of mind.