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8 good practices to feel safe in a kitchen

Playing the security card is a crucial importance in a room such as the kitchen. Indeed, several precautions impose themselves in order to avoid accidents and a young child being hurt.


The kitchen is a convivial place, it is also a dangerous place for babies and children. How to secure your kitchen and limit the risks of accidents in the central room of the house?

1. Secured electrical devices

In order to avoid burns and to cook in serenity, think about a cold glazed oven or a protection shelf. And favour induction hobs because they do not display any risk of burns.

2. Kitchen furniture with round angles

In order to avoid wounds, there are kitchen furniture with round angles (including eating table). If not, think about installing angle protections.

3. safety catches

To stop a child from playing with dangerous household products and poisoning themselves, equip your cabinets and low doors with safety catches. The ideal solution is to put those products away in wall units to make them inaccessible to children.

4.Boiling water taps.

When choosing a boiling hot tap , look for one that has a safety feature for lever to ensure children cannot easily turn the boiling tap on.

5. Dangerous objects out of reach

Put away the dangerous objects (knives, medicine and matches for example) in order to put them out of reach from the children. And think about putting them away systematically at this place after use.

6. Saucepan handles turned correctly

In order to save a child from burning themselves with a saucepan, always make sure to turn the handles of your saucepans towards the inside of your cooker and use the background slabs as a priority.

7. Non-slip flooring

In order to avoid falls (a kitchen floor is often slippery because of humidity and fat), install non-slip flooring.

8. Be careful!

Attention is always necessary in a kitchen! To protect your children, have the right reactions: systematically put away the dangerous equipments after use, soak a hot saucepan in cold water, do not let knives soak in a sink filled with water… and of course, do not leave a child on their own in your kitchen without surveillance.