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Why to choose a white kitchen?

Whether it is the main colour or used for details, white is often used for a kitchen’s interior decoration. All explanations with Raison Home.


White is soothing, timeless, bright and perfectly adapted to a kitchen’s layout. White widens the space and it is easy to match. A white kitchen enables to play with materials and colours.

A white kitchen is elegant

White is a neutral and light hue and it is the symbol of purity and serenity. Its stylish side gives plain lines to the design for a calm and convivial atmosphere. It is often used for interior decoration and is essential today for kitchens’ furniture, walls, work surface or central island. Matt white is discreet whereas lacquered finishing touch brings reflect and an ultra-contemporary result. You can opt for a total white style which is very trendy or you can dare to use colour to offset, all tints are allowed.

A white kitchen enables you to express all your wishes

The advantage of white is also that it combines with all styles and materials. The contrast of black or stainless steel can give a sophisticated graphic effect and natural wood can bring more softness for a zen side. When combined with grey hues, white keeps its simplicity. Little touches of red, green or blue on decoration elements or tiles or splashback will make your white kitchen lively and refreshing. It is up to you to choose! Listen to your creativity.

A white kitchen widens the space

It is one of the advantages of white because by catching the light it gives more depth and volume to the rooms. White is therefore ideal to give the impression to have more place in a small kitchen. A white kitchen is easy to decorate and also adds value to your interior, its brightness suits all atmospheres whether they are classical or more modern. Choosing well your kitchen colour is not always easy but you are sure to not make a mistake by choosing white for it is a safe bet.