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Why to choose a dark kitchen?

A dark kitchen is a kitchen with character and power. Do you have a penchant for dark kitchens? To help you take the plunge, discover the advantages of a dark kitchen.


A dark kitchen, for all styles of kitchens

White is the most valued colour in a kitchen because it is timeless, bright and elegant. However, dark also has serious arguments to seduce you. If the colours are chosen well, associated to high-quality raw materials and that the light is well studied, then a dark kitchen becomes stylish and trendy. Dark is indeed used to create a modern and fascinating atmosphere in a kitchen. Thus, black painted furniture will modernise a rustic kitchen. Likewise, in a kitchen with visible beams, dark furniture will reduce the traditional aspect of the room.

The advantages of a dark kitchen

Do you think that the dark colours are for certain rooms of your house such as the living room or the bedrooms? And that they are too drab to go with the preparation of your meals? You are mistaken! The advantages of a dark kitchen are numerous.

Choosing a dark, authentic and warm wood for your furniture is perfect to create a vintage kitchen. As for black, it is often associated to elegance and the subtlety of stainless steel and wood. Like anthracite and navy blue, it is a colour that is used to create strong and dynamic contrasts with little touches of yellow or green, for example, that will warm up the atmosphere. A dark kitchen is definitely a sophisticated and elegant kitchen.