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Why choose a white kitchen?

White is pure, calming and never out of fashion and it is a very popular colour for the kitchen. Discover why white is a safe bet.


5 reasons to opt for a white kitchen

1. White catches the eye and the light (even more with a lacquered finish).
2. It extends the space and creates volume.
3. It is easy to arrange and combine. It goes with everything: wood, stainless steel, granite, other colours…
4. It is timeless because it is impossible to get tired of a white kitchen!
5. It brings delicacy to the room while creating a zen atmosphere.

How to brighten up a white kitchen?

The total white look can be too clinical and at the risk of having a drab and sterile kitchen. A curry yellow wall will make the room look very modern. Favour blue for a seaside spirit or purple for a warm atmosphere. The splashback can also be coloured to galvanise your kitchen. You can also give life to your room with decorative elements such as plants, candles, prominent kitchen accessories… Choose a decor that resembles you the most and which you will not get tired of!

Different styles of white kitchens

Add light wood and pastel hues to the white base and you will obtain a beautiful scandinavian style kitchen which has been particularly trendy in the past few years. Gamble on the combination of black and white for a stylish result. Choose stainless steel appliances, bricks splashback and open shelves if you prefer lofts’ industrial atmosphere. Finally, if you like the design and minimalist style, opt for a white kitchen with lacquered finish with no handle frontage.