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Which materials favour to create a natural and authentic decor?

Nowadays, the decorative trend is natural origin materials. The authenticity and durability are a requirement! What are the materials to chose?


Wood: the best natural material

Choose raw light wood for furniture or parquet (birch, ash or pine) in order to keep the interior bright. Bamboo is liked for its exotic charm and it is a material to keep in mind for a table or a ceiling light for example.

Ceramic: a fine material that is reinvented

Keen on handmade? Ceramics are brought up to date while keeping its charm of days gone by and you will like it! ws, vases or lamps.

Slate: an essential natural rock

It is not only for roofs anymore! It is cheaper than granite or marble and it is insulating and watertight. It is mainly used in the kitchen for floors, but can be used as a decorative feature on walls.

The comeback of rattan

It is a resistant and easy to maintain material and not outdated anymore. Rattan items cmore commonly prominent on a window sill or on shelves.

The unavoidable ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles are the trend of the moment and they go on walls and floors.There are a very large number of combinations according to the shapes, patterns and colourings chosen.

Terra cotta: an authentic floor

Floor tiles have been popular for centuries thanks to their natural and traditional side. Indeed, it is made of clay. Thanks to their characteristic shape (5 to 8 sides), it gives a warm result.
You can use the materials alone or combine them: ask advice to your Raison Home, home designer.