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Which graphic prints to choose for my interior decoration?

Geometric forms or repetitive patterns: graphic prints vitalise and give character to an interior. Discovering of the graphic trend.


Each style has its own graphic prints

Graphic prints sharpen your decoration and reveal your style. Whether with small touches or as global appearance, they are easily adopted in the entire house, from the kitchen to the living room and even in the bedroom and the bathroom, and on all types of materials (wallpaper, furniture, textile, decorative items…).

  • For a scandinavian atmosphere, choose pastel triangular patterns.
  • For something more minimalist, opt for black and white stripes.
  • To play the vintage card, go for cubist and golden symmetry of Art Deco prints.
  • To create a playful universe in a child’s bedroom for example, choose a polka-dot print with light or more bright colours depending on your preferences.

And if you want to warm up the atmosphere of your interior, have confidence in ethnic prints and african fabrics patterns.

What about graphic prints in the kitchen?

Everything is possible! Are you a fan of the fifties and retro style? What would do say about a black and white checked pattern? As for stripes, they are perfect to give an impression of space.

Another alternative to brighten up the room and to customise it with ceramic tiles either for the floor or the backboard, and they go perfectly together with wooden furniture. Regarding wallpaper, which you will choose to be thermo-resistant for your kitchen, everything is allowed: vegetable, triangular patterns, etc.

Do you want to give style to your kitchen with graphic prints? Talk about it to your Raison Home, home designer: they will take it into account for your project.