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What plants to choose for my living area?

Plants bring life and brighten up a house. They offer a real breath of fresh air to an interior. Do you want to bring nature into your everyday life? Discover which plants to choose to reinvigorate your decoration.


Tropical and purifying plants for the kitchen

They enjoy humidity and high temperatures and they are also adapted to the bathroom. Anthurium with white or red flowers, ivy, chlorophytum begonia and peace lily; on top of being decorative plants, providing clean air in the rooms. Herbs also have their place in your kitchen. You can suspend them in nice pots for a personal and original result.

Perennial plants for the living room

Perennial plants are good for any amateur gardener because they are low maintenance. The cactus, which is the most popular perennial plant, does not require much water and will like being in your house on condition that you put it at a bright place.

The aloe vera with its thorny leaves will also embellish your interior, as well as the kalanchoe with its colorful flowers and leaves of various forms.

Not forgetting the chlorophytum that purifies the air and gets rid of the bad smells . These plants are to put in the living room as well as the office, along with ficus, yucca and other plants that you can find easily.

3 decor tips with plants

  • A very high plant endowed with long branches is perfect to make an empty and drab corner lively.
  • Do you have a cheminee? Put a few original pots with various plants of different sizes, as to look like a cabinet of curiosities.
  • Would you like to cover a window sill? Line a few plant pots up (not too tall) as a greenery curtain.