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What elements to choose for an industrial-like style kitchen?

An industrial style kitchen is a kitchen that plays with the mixing of different materials. Rustic, minimalist and urban, it is inspired by New York lofts. Do you like this trend? Discover the elements that will make your kitchen look industrial.

An opening to the living room for an an industrial-like style kitchen

The industrial style is characterised by big volumes without doors or walls and large openings. Therefore, it is essential to remove the partitions to extend the room. However, if you want to keep a wall between the kitchen and the living room, opt for a glass wall: it is definitely an industrial unit which is very aesthetic and lets the light pass.

Robust materials for an industrial-like style kitchen

The industrial style is appreciated for its simplicity, its practical aspect and its vintage side. It owes its success to the combination of robust materials such as metal, concrete and wood. For example,a zinc bar, wooden stools, metal shelves and a waxed concrete floor will bring an industrial dimension to your kitchen.

A colour palette that favours black, grey and brown for an industrial-like style kitchen

Dark colours associated to raw materials enable to create a warm atmosphere reminiscent of the old workshops sphere. The industrial style is simple but do not hesitate to add a few coloured elements to brighten up the ensemble.

A brick wall for an industrial-like style kitchen

Firstly, bricks were reserved to outside walls of building, but nowadays it comes inside our homes. Whether you opt for real bricks, trimmings or wallpaper, the brick wall is omnipresent in the industrial decoration.

Authentic lights for an industrial-like style kitchen

Spotlight shape light, steel lamps and stripped lightbulbs are all lights that embody the industrial style. Not forgetting the emblematic metal hanging above the island!

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