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What colour to choose to restyle a kitchen with one coat of paint?

Longing for change and revival in your kitchen? Do you know that you can transform your living area with only a little bit of paint? All there is to do is to choose the right colour for the paint restyling of your kitchen.

It is timeless and very trendy and its combination with white create a stylish and simple realm which design lovers adore.
Grey is perfect to favour the elements and materials used in your kitchen. Unlike what one would think, it is a colour that catches light and warms the atmosphere.
Chocolate gives character to a kitchen! This colour on a wall contrasts sharply with white furniture and mark out a space.
A neutral and natural colour
If you are afraid to make a mistake, opt for off-white, beige or linen… All these hues combine easily with materials such as wood and granite.
A soft and relaxing colour
A pearl grey, pastel yellow or powder pink customise and enhance a kitchen when applied on the wall. Those colours also combine with numerous materials such wood, metal, tiles…
A cold and relaxing colour
Sky-blue or tender green are musts in contemporary styles as they contrast with dark furniture and modernise a kitchen.
A warm and convivial colour
For a more dynamic style choose yellow, orange, purple or even red. In that case, only paint one wall face, to avoid obtaining an oppressive result.