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What are the characteristics of a country kitchen?

The country style is another variant to decorate your kitchen in a rustic way. Discover Raison Home’s advices to have a country kitchen.


A country kitchen is warm and close to nature

Choose warm colours for the main colour of the room. Yellow is obviously the preferred colour but you can also opt for brick red hues. Little touches of olive-green can also brighten up some details such as the backboard or the edges of the cupboards doors.

On the floor, favour again light but warm tiles. Ceramic is a high quality materials. You can use it for the splashback too.

As for the main units of the kitchen, choose raw materials for a natural aspect such as a big wooden table, a marble work surface or sink. For a country kitchen, avoid lacquered or stratified units.

If possible, make sure you have a wide eating area for warm and convivial moments around good country kitchen recipes.

Finally, you can bargain-hunt accessories for an authentic country style decoration such as terracotta crockery, a vase with a lavender bouquet or wall faces with visible bricks. And why not put a little olive tree or lemon tree in a sunny corner of the kitchen?